Albion Online Announces Wild Blood Update

There Will Be Blood 

Something wicked this way comes. The world of Albion is about to get a lot darker this October. Today, Sandbox Interactive is excited to reveal the next major update for their hit MMORPG, Albion Online. The update, titled Wild Blood, is introducing many long-awaited features to the game. Of course, more information is yet to come out, but a teaser trailer gives players a wolfish glimpse of the update. Additionally, a small press release gives some simple topics about what is coming with the update. 

Albion Online Wild Blood

Albion Online is a persistent MMORPG that introduces players to the medieval fantasy world of Albion. Interestingly, one of the main pulls of Albion is that it invites players to become whatever they’d like in a persistent world. For instance, players can become brave warriors, expert craftsmen, a merchant, or anything else they can imagine. Importantly, everything players choose to do has a real impact on the world. The game contains a player-driven economy, player-based settlements, and more to ensure that the world is completely driven by the players who make up the world. 

The newly announced update, Wild Blood, is bringing a few long-awaited additions to the game. Though more information will be provided in a series of developer talks next week, as of now the update promises to bring  Shapeshifter WeaponsTracking, and Awakened Items. Of course, players can get a small glimpse of the update in the new teaser trailer for the update. Check out the teaser below. 

Albion Online is available for download on PC via their website and Steam for free.