Albion Online Celebrates Birthday With Living Legacy Event

Half a Decade Anniversary 

The world of Albion is coming to life just a little more. Today Sandbox Interactive is happy to announce the “Living Legacy” event for their adventure sandbox game Albion Online. A press release about the event includes all the details coming with it. Additionally, the new fifth birthday trailer gives players a direct look at what is taking place in game today. 

Albion Online

Albion online introduces players to the medieval world of Albion. Here, players get to decide what kind of person they will become. For instance, will you join the world as a brave warrior, a humble craftsman, a merchant, or anything else you can desire. Importantly, this choice has impact as the world of Albion is driven by the player base itself. Of course this includes the economy, crafting, guild wars, and city life. Additionally, players can feel free from class restrictions thanks to the you are what you wear system in place in the game. 

The fifth birthday celebration Living Legacy is looking to bring Albion even more to life. This means literally. In this update player-designed guild statues are coming to life. They will be open world enemies of varying difficulty. The difficulties scale from Construct, Colossus and Titan. Additionally the event is bringing some new items for players. For instance, a new riding horse skin, a new vanity weapon, and even a special avatar and ring. Of course players can get a look at the event in the new trailer. 


Albion Online is available for download on PC via their website and Steam for free. So, will you be participating in the new event?