Blue Box Revealed Abandoned PS5 App and There Is Nothing There

The Abandoned PS5 App Looks Abandoned

Fans of Abandoned have been anticipating for more details regarding the much-awaited game, and, finally, a first real preview has been provided. The Abandoned PS5 app has finally received an update via a new video, but it is not as new as fans might have hoped, as it is basically something that has already been shown before.

Basically, the newly shared 5-second video is showing nothing. For some context, the Abandoned PS5 app was supposed to give further information about what its fans could expect from the upcoming Blue Box Games project. Unfortunately, the video showed nothing, except for a bunch of empty boxes.

abandoned ps5 app

Blue Box has consistently denied that they are developing something that involves Hideo Kojima or Silent Hill, but the Abandoned community found it a bit hard to ignore the many subtle hints to the contrary. With that said, many were looking forward to the Abandoned PS5 app for answers, if it would completely dispel all rumours or if it would end up revealing a brand new Silent Hill project from Kojima and his team. Sadly, it did neither.

Fans who download the Abandoned PS5 app—which is around 5GB—will be greeted by a language selection screen followed by a disclaimer that says there will be no playable content, just demos of any upcoming trailers on the PS5. As the disclaimer says, “All content is rendered in 3D images and, therefore, not a high quality video.”

Abandoned was first announced earlier this year as Blue Box’s psychological horror game that features photorealistic graphics. Since it was specifically developed to be PS5 exclusive, it will showcase the power of next-gen consoles.

Rumours that Abandoned is actually Kojima’s new Silent Hill project spiraled out of control when Blue Box shared a cryptic post on social media about Abandoned’s real name starting with S and ending with L.