Abandoned Suffers Yet Another Delay Before Launch Of First Teaser

Technical Issues Leave An Announced Teaser Abandoned

The story behind the upcoming PlayStation 5 survival horror game Abandoned has been fraught with speculation, teases and supposed cryptic clues towards the true nature of the game. However, it’s also been plagued by last-minute delays, missed release dates and a lack of any real clarity from the developers Blue Box Studios – a trend that’s continuing right now.


After spending months hyping up the Abandoned Realtime Experience App, a mysterious PS5 app that Blue Box are planning to use to release promotional material for the game, the first planned teaser has been delayed to an unspecified point in the future. It was set to launch at 12pm PT today, but when eager fans booted up the Realtime Experience App there was no teaser to be found.

In a tweet made 15 minutes after the teaser was supposed to be released through the Realtime Experience App, Blue Box Studios clarified the situation a little: “There is a technical issue with the delivery of the patch. We are working to get this live ASAP. We apologize for the inconvenience.”. A later update revealed that the issue had still not been resolved two hours later, and judging by the lack of any teasers on the Realtime Experience App right now, things have still not quite been fixed.


In a tweet yesterday, Blue Box Studio’s founder Hasan Kahraman made a statement hits a lot different now: “Don’t be late! Jk, content will be available until the game release and beyond!“. Blue Box’s tweets over the last few days building hype for the release similarly read like the teaser was absolutely ready to go for today, sparking even more speculation as to the nature of Abandoned.

We still haven’t gotten any word on when Abandoned is set to release, but if any of the previous releases surrounding the game are anything to go by, any release date announcement should be taken with more than a grain of salt.