Halo Infinite’s Cosmetics Could Be ‘Wacky’ Like Apex Legends

Halo Infinite’s Cosmetics Might Not Be True to the Franchise 

Halo Infinite fans are getting even more excited by the minute as the game has been slated to release this holiday season. The upcoming game will be featuring new features that its fans have been looking forward to, but there is a promise that the game’s character customization will be returning to form. However, known Halo leaker, Tom Henderson, recently took to social media to reveal that Halo Infinite’s armour might not showcase its traditional, tactical vibe.

halo infinite cosmetics

If you think Halo Infinite cosmetics are going to be true to the franchise, you are in for a surprise,” Henderson wrote. “It seems like they are going down a similar route to Apex Legends to me, with a lot of wacky stuff.”

Henderson even added that, as an example of the cosmetic influence of Apex Legends, Halo Infinite will even have a Christmas skin that will resemble a snowman. Unfortunately for curious minds, he did not attach a photo that would show what that would look like.

His comparison to the cosmetic system of Apex Legends might be a huge turn-off for the Halo Infinite community, it is worth nothing that it was that very system that gave Apex Legends better longevity. 343 Industries has neither confirmed nor denied how “wacky” Halo Infinite’s character customization will be, but a look at its multiplayer AI companions seem to be pointing to that direction.

Some Halo Infinite fans were able to test out the game’s system in earnest during the first Flight beta test, but 343 Industries has promised that there will be a multitude of options for the players when the game is finally launched. They have heavily stressed Halo Infinite’s character customization in the past several months, especially after Halo 4 and Halo 5 received a lot of negative feedback for its featured change in armour aesthetic. If Henderson’s leak rings true, then it may end up being viewed as a bait and switch by fans who were hopeful for traditional Halo Infinite armour sets.