Apex Legends New Character Seer Will Be Nerfed

Seer Has the Ultimate Wall Hack Which May Be Fixed in an Upcoming Patch

Apex Legends’ new character Seer has just dropped, but the game’s developers have already confirmed that the character’s strength will be reduced in an upcoming update. Based on what has bee observed about Seer, he appears to be the best support star that can efficiently assist in the heat of battle with enemy positioning.

However, in a recent AMA that Respawn held on Reddit, Seer may just be too powerful. Apex Legends fans had a slew of questions for the developers and Software Engineer Travis Nordin had the most direct answer regarding the team’s plans about Seer. The arrival of Seer in Apex Legends was accompanied by a lot of new gameplay elements and triggered a lot of discussion among the game’s fans, which he said was “great to see.”

apex legends seer gameplay

“Seer has launched strong, which was the hope,” said Nordin. “With that being said, he is probably a bit too strong at the moment and will be receiving some balance updates in an upcoming patch.”

Although Seer will be nerfed, Nordin verified that the team will not be implementing any fundamental changes to the character’s kit. However, the flash from Seer’s tactical ability will definitely be completely removed. Moreover, Apex Legends players will also not have to wait until midseason for the modification to be applied. “Nope, it will be sooner than that,” Nordin stated.

Seer has a passive ability that allows him to hear, as well as visualize, the heartbeats of the enemies. His tactical ability, called Focus of Attention, on the other hand, will allow him to summon microdrones that release blasts to reveal and interrupt enemies through walls. His ultimate ability, called Exhibit, creates a sphere that reveals any surrounding enemies and their weapons.

Apex Legend fans were quick to point out that Seer’s kit is the ultimate legal wall hack that provides far too much information on an enemy team’s whereabouts. Another topic of contention is Seer’s ability to interrupt heals, which, in turn, will make retreating during a fight very difficult.