UNDYING Is Ready for Full Release in October

A Mother’s Love Is UNDYING

Prepare yourself for an epic journey filled with love. Skystone Games and Vanimals have finally revealed the full release date of UNDYING. It will be launching on 17 October for PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. Moreover, it will also be coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2024, with ports to other platforms in the future. The game is currently available on Early Access on Steam.


UNDYING is a top-down single-player survival game that takes place in a world ravaged by a zombie apocalypse. Players take control of Anling, a mother who has been bitten by a zombie and is slowly dying. Anling must teach her young son, Cody, how to survive in this new world before she turns into one of the undead.

The game focuses on the emotional bond between Anling and Cody. Players must not only worry about keeping Cody safe from zombies and other dangers, but they must also deal with the fact that Anling is dying. This creates a sense of urgency and emotional tension that is rarely seen in other survival games.

Additionally, it features a unique crafting system with a variety of items, including weapons, tools, and food. However, many of these items require resources that are scarce and difficult to find. This forces players to make difficult choices about how to allocate their resources.

Here are some key features of the game:

-Top-down survival game with a real-time day/night cycle.

-Player-generated world map

-Rogue-like replayability

-Beautiful low poly art style

-Dozens of NPCs to interact with

-An emotional story about survival and letting go

-Watch your son grow as your AI partner learns from you

-Incredible soundtrack