HELLCARD Will Have Spiders From Tomorrow Onwards

Spiders Are Crawling Into HELLCARD

We have exciting news for all the HELLCARD players out there! As you and your hero friends travel deeper into the dungeons, you will come across spiders on the battlefield in large numbers from tomorrow (8 December) onwards. These eight-legged beasts will not only go after your party, but they can also web your cards and trap abilities.


If you think spiders are the only new monsters that are coming, then you are greatly mistaken. We have provided a list of other crawlers that are ready to make an appearance in the game.

– Arachnad: Can spawn arachnids upon death,
– Corrupted Arachnod: can attack with poisons.
– Hot Crawler: A scorpion beast who affects your card draw.
– Slithering Bowman: A demon whose ranged attacks impact cards.
– Horror Whopper: A giant skeleton who can buff other monsters when not attacked.

Hellcard is a unique cooperative roguelike deck builder developed by Thing Trunk and published by Skystone Games. It takes place in the paper dungeons known from the Book of Demons. The main mechanics revolve around deckbuilding and fast-paced tactical card battles.

The game is available right now on PC via Steam Early Access for just $19.99. You can enjoy it in both single-player and with friends in multiplayer mode.