Hellcard Brings Deckbuilding Action to Steam Today

A Sequel, The Story Continues 

It’s time to once again dive into the Paper Dungeons. A world of fast-paced and technical battle, full of demons, cards, and adventure. Today, Skystone games is excited to announce the release of their RPG, roguelike, deckbuilder, Hellcard. The sequel to wildly successful Book of Demons, the studios’ first game, Hellcard continues the tradition of deckbuilding and tactical RPG elements. A press release provides more details on the new features of the sequel. Additionally, players can check out the new launch trailer for a look at the gameplay and art style of the game, as well as how Hellcard uniquely blends its genre types together. 


Hellcard places players back into the Paper Dungeons. This time, facing off against the Archdemon’s hordes. Bringing  a collection of over 300 different cards, the game is offering a massive amount of versatility in combat. Importantly players will have a choice of three different character classes using the cards to face off against  35 unique monsters including elites, and bosses. Of course, Hellcard is also bringing new features the require tactical thought. For instance, monster placement matters in combat, making players think about every single move. Of course, you don’t need to go it alone though. The game provides players with the ability to play with up to three other friends, each bringing their own decks to battle. 

Importantly, you can check out the launch trailer below for a better look at the game. 

Hellcard is out now and is currently available on Steam. So, are you ready to once again face the hordes of the dungeon?