Become the Ultimate Comfy Gamer With Minecraft Crocs

Croc Blocks

“Casual” often carries ugly connotations in gaming. Well, that stops today. The Casual Alliance of Comfy (CAC) is teaming up for gamers. Mojang and Crocs are partnering for a Minecraft Crocs line, which you can order today. Oh, I also learned there’s something called Sports Mode.

This line of Crocs went live today. Like all Crocs products, there are ages and sizes. Right now, each of the different products only have one design, making them distinct from the others, so we will see if they expand in that area. The footwear prices range from $35-$65.

Minecraft Crocs

In terms of styles, there are the Classic Minecraft Clog, Elevated Minecraft Clog, both for adults. There are also Kids’ versions for both styles. Crocs also has a Classic Minecraft Slide, which is more of an open-toe sandal style. This is also made for adult feet.

You may have seen Crocs with little studs in the holes. Those are Jibbitz Charms. This Mincraft Crocs line also has Minecraft Jibbitz Charms for sale. There are five in a pack, with designs for Steve, Alex, Pig, Creeper, and Enderman. They are optional, but fun to see how many you can fit on your Crocs.

If there is a Minecraft player/Croc wearer in your household, you should check out Crocs’ online store for these items. Minecraft is available on pretty much every platform.

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