Hellcard Brings the Loot in New Update

The Dungeons Get More Goodies 

It’s time to jump back into the world of the Paper Dungeons. However, this time this world of fast-paced and technical combat is even more rewarding. Who doesn’t like loot after all? Today, Skystone games is happy to announce the latest update for their  RPG, roguelike, deckbuilder, Hellcard. The update, titled “Artifacts Update”, introduces a host of new artifacts and items that will change the way the game is played. Of course, the game allows players to design their own decks as they lead their character through the dungeons. A trailer from last year gives players a glimpse of the game. 


Hellcard places players in a realm known as the Paper Dungeons. Here, players will face off against the armies of the Archdemon as they build their character and decks how they see fit. Introducing a collection of over 300 different cards, the game is offering a massive amount of customization in the way players are allowed to play. Additionally, players can choose from three different classes that will change the way they play. Importantly, combat in Hellcard is tactical and thought provoking. Monster positioning can change the fight, so every move needs to be thought out. Yet, with the latest update, there are even more ways to change the game. 

Hellcard’s Artifact Update, is introducing a host of new artifacts that make great changes to the gameplay. For instance, players can draw cards to an empty hand with Sticky Fingers or even deal damage at the start of fights with Bow Tie. Of course, many more artifacts are appearing in the update. Players can check out the game’s release date trailer for a glimpse of the game.

Hellcard is out now and is currently available on Steam.