Recollection Gets Walking With Launch on Epic Games Store

Take in the Atmosphere 

Sometimes we all need to unwind. What’s a better way than taking a journey into nature? Especially when nature will unfold before you in an atmospheric adventure game that you can enjoy even during the nastiest weather outside. Today,  Indie game developer and publisher Erik ‘Erkberg’ Schulze is excited to announce the launch of his atmospheric walking/watching game, Recollection, on the Epic Games Store. Introducing players to a forgotten world, players embark on a walking simulator to discover the beauty of the place they inhabit. A press release delves into the details of the game. Furthermore, a launch trailer gives players a glimpse of the game. 


Recollection invites players to step into a hand-crafted world that allows them to experience the beauty and mysteries of nature. Importantly, the game functions as a walking simulator that allows players to discover the secrets of a forgotten world. Of course, as players explore, they will never know what they will experience. Players can expect to encounter various things out in the world, but only if they pay close attention. Interestingly, the game allows players to unfold the world around them, picking up on key details that will reveal the little miracles that surround us all daily. 

Of course, players can get a better look at the game in the launch trailer. Check out the trailer below. 

Recollection is out now on the Epic Games Store. Previously the game had been released on Steam. So, are you ready for a beautiful journey?