Mon-Yu, the RPG With the Longest Game Name Ever

We Cannot Even Memorize the Full Name of Mon-Yu

Get ready for a piece of funny and interesting news. Experience and Aksys Games released their latest game yesterday (21 September) and it has the longest name ever. We couldn’t fit the entire thing on the title so we are going to present it for you here instead.

The full name of the game is Mon-Yu: Defeat Monsters And Gain Strong Weapons And Armor. You May Be Defeated, But Don’t Give Up. Become Stronger. I Believe There Will Be A Day When The Heroes Defeat The Devil King. The game is available on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.


Mon-Yu is a turn-based first-person dungeon crawler RPG that takes place in the land of Tir na Balc. It was once a peaceful place protected by the Dragon King. However, the Seven Devil Kings have stolen the Dragon King’s treasures and turned Tir na Balc into a dangerous dungeon. We must assemble a team of heroes and challenge the Devil Kings in order to restore peace to the land.

Players create a team of up to eight characters from eight different classes, including Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Rogue, etc. Each class has its own unique abilities and playstyle. They can also level up their characters and learn new abilities. The game also features a charming retro visual and a wide range of customization options.

Additionally, it also has a variety of dungeons to explore, each with its own unique challenges and enemies. There are tons of powerful weapons, armor, and items to find and utilize throughout the journey.

Overall, Mon-Yu is a well-made and challenging dungeon-crawler RPG with a hilarious title.