Aksys Games Unveils Blazing Strike’s First Look Trailer

Aksys Games Unveils Blazing Strike’s First Look Trailer Showcasing The 2D Fighting Game

Aksys Games has been a video game publisher since 2006 and has amassed a studded lineup of releases under its umbrella including Blazblue and Guilty Gear, two great and very popular fighting games. The company, along with Rarebreed Makes Games have released their first trailer for its upcoming fighting game, Blazing Strike. The company is yet to confirm a release date, however it has hinted at Spring 2022.

The trailer hops right into the action with a fight between two characters and is overlaid with an upbeat hip-hop song. The character select screen currently has fifteen available options, though that may increase as development continues or post-release.

The trailer highlights Lei Long, the last Shaolin monk before moving to Alexander, a wrestling legend who dons tiger’s skin over his head and back. It then moves on to Shohei, a one eyed assassin and Mochizuki, a ghost ninja. Hana, a ruthless Obayun is shown last before the trailer goes back to intense fights before closing. In closing, a full image of the cast is shown.

Blazing Strike clearly draws inspiration from arcade fighting series like Capcom’s Street Fighter and uses nostalgic 2D pixel art with modern mechanics and a unique games system. Blazing Strike will feature a four button system and six normal attacks as well as three defensive moves. The game will have a unique Rush system, that allows players to use fast-paced attacks on enemies, however as the bar dissipates, players will end up in a temporarily groggy state. Therefore, players must execute their moves in a timely and tactical manner.

Players can enjoy Story Mode, Arcade Mode and Versus Mode along with training, sparring and online play.

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