Experience Bloodborne’s Haunting World in First Person – Coming Soon!

Yharnam, Like You’ve never seen it before.

The terrifying beauty of Bloodborne‘s world is, perhaps, one of the best parts of an already phenomenal game. In the role of the Hunter, players fight their way through harrowing enemies and explore vistas ranging from hauntingly beautiful to downright grotesque. Bloodborne is a game the revels in the dark fantasy style, and with the help of mods, players will be able to explore that world from a whole new perspective.

This isn’t the first time mods have affected the way people play Bloodborne, and it certainly won’t be the last. The world of Yharnam already had some daunting visuals – and with this shift in perspective, those sights will take on a whole new meaning. In the youtube video unveiling this whole thing, many commenters noted how imposing the scale of the enemies were.

Bloodborne’s art direction was built for a third-person view – one where the camera isn’t just behind the player, but above. High-angle shots tend not to be the most intimidating, as they make the subject look small – this is effective in making the player feel more vulnerable, but similarly-sized enemies would also be framed the same way. As a result, the game’s more intimidating foes would have needed to be scaled up to compensate. But that size difference takes on a whole new meaning in a first-person game. When the player needs to look up to get a full view of whatever they’re attacking, each fight takes on a whole new meaning.

The original third-person view also added a degree of awareness for the player – if they were getting attacked from behind, they could see it. Now, the player will need to watch their backs a lot more, and constant shoulder-checking is sure to create a much more paranoid atmosphere than the already-horrifying original game.

And since this is being done through a mod, it’ll be a lot more accessible than paid DLC. You’ll need some know-how to install it, but that’s nothing you can’t get through in a few hours. Really, the only thing stopping you from playing the game this way is a simple question: are you brave enough to handle it?