Samurai Shodown Shows Off Guilty Gear’s Baiken in DLC Character Trailer

Here Comes a Daredevil

The news is in: the Guilty Gear crossover fighter announced for Samurai Shodown‘s fourth and final Season Pass 3 character is fan-favorite Baiken, the pink-haired lady samurai with a chip on her shoulder. She’s here, she’s pissed off, and she’s ready to slash her way through the whole cast, as the video demonstrates.

If we’re honest, we were expecting it to be Baiken from the beginning. Who else in Guilty Gear‘s notoriously eclectic cast would stand a chance of fitting into Samurai Shodown’s depiction of the Edo period? Yeah, Samurai Shodown has demons, an American ninja who fights for justice, and an elderly priest named Nicotine Caffeine, but Guilty Gear has Venom, the obsessive assassin who wears his long hair over his face, fights with a pool cue, and seems to think a crop top and black footed leggings are an acceptable fashion choice.

Baiken’s character trailer starts by quickly showing us several of Samurai Shodown’s most iconic characters in battle while the screen is repeatedly slashed in half. This effect culminates in a rapid parade of close-ups on characters’ faces and special moves before Baiken’s deep voice rings out in challenge.

The announcer then declares “Here comes a daredevil,” a phrase that’s been associated with Baiken’s arrival since the original Guilty Gear: The Missing Link game, all while backed by one of Guilty Gear’s distinctive guitar riffs. When Baiken finally makes her appearance, it’s in monochrome, standing on the far end of a field. She takes a few steps forward before stopping in her tracks and getting into a battle-ready stance.

The remainder of the trailer is dedicated to showing off Baiken’s moveset, which still prominently features counter-attacks and hidden weapons she stores in her sleeve. While she seems like a largely stationary fighter, she also has a few moves dedicated to letting her quickly close the distance between her and her opponent to bloody results.

SNK has also released a video showcasing Baiken’s special attacks. Players already plotting to use her in battle may want to check those out soon. Fighting games are a surprisingly cerebral endeavor.

Baiken will be coming to Samurai Shodown on August 19th, 2021.

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