Beloved Destiny 2 Expansion Is Being Taken Behind The Shed

Some Content Will Remain, But Most Will Be Lost – For a Greater Good.

The Forsaken expansion was, and is, among Destiny 2‘s most adored expansions. Our review called it a “literal game changer” – one for a game that was, at the time, struggling to find its footing. It’s not hard to argue that the expansion played a large role in the game’s longevity, but not all good things last forever. With a few exceptions, the Forsaken expansion will be removed from the game.

Destiny 2 Forsaken

This process is being done through something called the Destiny Content Vault, which was a way to cut down on the game’s rapidly-growing size. With all the additional post-release support, the game had blossomed into something that Bungie just didn’t have the manpower to deal with – so the only solution was to take some parts out. Older content would get cycled into the Vault (with a chance of being brought back in the future) as the game expanded. Bungie intends Destiny 2 to be their focus for new content (as opposed to making a Destiny 3), and the Vault system helps enable that. But just as a Destiny 3 would require that players abandon Destiny 2 if they prefer new content, the vault system means that old content needs to get phased out – and Forsaken, as important as it is for Destiny’s history, isn’t immune. Nothing can be.

But at the very least, not all is lost. Starting on December 7th, the Forsaken campaign will be made free for all players as we get closer and closer to the expansion’s final days. If you’d like to see for yourself what made Forsaken so special, your deadline is February 2022. In addition, on that December 7th date, a small selection of Forsaken content will become purchasable, so that new players can still access the expansion’s loot, a raid, and a dungeon. It’s no full-size expansion, but it’s far superior to the alternative.