Overwatch 2 Will Show New Looks for Bastion & Sombra at OWL Finals

Overwatch 2 Devs Will Showcase New Looks for Bastion & Sombra at OWL Grand Finals

Overwatch 2 will be getting the spotlight once again at the upcoming Overwatch League Grand Finals scheduled for September 25th. At the event’s pre-show and halftime break, Blizzard will be showing some reworks to the title’s two heroes, namely, Bastion and Sombra.

Although Overwatch 2 are already well aware on how the heroes are going to look like, this new showcase will focus on the newly implemented changes to their abilities and kits. Other heroes, such as Brigitte, Mei, and Reinhardt, have already been previously confirmed to have received massive overhauls.

overwatch 2 bastion new look

To appease Overwatch 2 fans until the OWL Grand Finals, Blizzard had already given them a sneak peek at Bastion’s new look. Generally, it would seem that Overwatch 2’s version of Bastion is pretty much the same as the one featured in the first game, except for a new paint job and a hat—which, in turn, hints that he will be involved with Torbjorn. Bastion’s bird companion that he first met at his Overwatch animated short will still be by his side in Overwatch 2, showing that his shoulder was specifically painted to math that of the bird’s general coloring.

Group up with the Overwatch team on September 25 as we reveal new Overwatch 2 updates live during the Overwatch League Grand Finals,” the devs wrote on social media, sharing a photo of Bastion’s new look. 

Although Blizzard confirmed that they are going to reveal new looks for Bastion and Sombra, Overwatch 2 fans will also be treated to more than just that once the event begins. There will also be an exhibition match of Overwatch 2 in action on display, which will be the best preview that fans will be getting of the title’s gameplay to date.

The exhibition match will use Overwatch 2’s new five-on-five PvP rules, as well as showcase how players can experiment with the characters’ new skills and passives. This is, indeed, a critical step toward showcasing the potential of the game for the gaming community’s competitive scene.