Big Update to Apple Arcade: Lego Star Wars and Castlevania

News on Two Major Games Coming to Apple Arcade

Konami’s much anticipated Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls has finally been released on the Apple Arcade today, while the Lego Star Wars Battles’ date has been announced to come soon this month.  

Castlevania Grimoire of Souls

Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls is a mobile Metroidvania set in the Castlevania franchise.  Starring Alucard, as well as other iconic characters such as Simon Belmont and Shanoa, the singleplayer game is sure to contain enough playable characters for Castlevania fans.  The main gameplay loop of Castlevania is a linear RPG, complete with a variety of equipment to find.  In addition, the game will have 60 levels, plus daily and weekly missions.  

Lego Star Wars Battles, on the other hand, is expected to arrive on September 24th.  Featuring a Clash Royale-like PvP style, you can collect your favorite Star Wars heroes, vehicles, and troops – all in Lego.  Based on the promotional images, you can collect any unit from a Y-Wing to Captain Phasma.  Like Clash Royale, your objective will be to destroy your opponent’s towers in order to win each short game.  The game is billed as a multiplayer PvP game, and it is unknown if any singleplayer content will be featured.

As Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls was originally a Gacha game and Lego Star Wars Battles was expected to be a collection game with microtransactions, it comes as a relief to see that both games are coming to the Apple Arcade.  As the Apple Arcade forbids any microtransactions, it is great to see high-quality games come to mobile without any need to pay in-game.

What do you think of the two new mobile games for the Apple Arcade?  Do you plan to try them out?  Let us know down in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook.

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