Finally, A First Look At Bayonetta 3’s Action-Packed Gameplay

Kept You Waiting

It’s been a long wait for news about Bayonetta 3. The hack and slash sequel was announced in true Nintendo style with a vague trailer reveal all the way back in 2017, with little news except for “it exists” coming out since then. With certain other titles announced in a similar manner seemingly stuck in development hell, things weren’t looking good for Bayonetta 3 – until today, that is! Today’s Nintendo Direct rounded things out with a full trailer for Bayonetta 3, showing off gameplay and Bayonetta herself’s new design.

The trailer starts off a little vague, as most good video game trailers do – a group of soldiers face off against some massive demons in a city, and promptly get absolutely wrecked – turns out regular bullets aren’t too effective against these big guys. Luckily, Bayonetta is on hand to save the day – hiding in a bobblehead dog costume at first before the big reveal of her slick new character design! You can check the trailer out for yourself right here:

As you can see, we get a look at plenty of the game’s action here. There’s fast-paced hack and slash gameplay, all infused with the cheeky sense of humor we’ve come to expect from the Bayonetta franchise. It seems that Bayonetta has a few new tricks up her sleeve this time around – most notably, she’ll be able to summon massive monsters to help her out in kaiju-style fights, tearing through the city as they beat up the bad guys.

Officially, Bayonetta 3 is set to release on the Switch some time in 2022 – however, we may have a bit more information than the trailer’s given us. If a recent leak on the Nintendo eShop is to be believed, it seems that Bayonetta 3 is launching some time between September and December – just in time for Halloween! We’ll be keeping an eye out for more Bayonetta news as it comes!