Detroit: Become Human Devs May Be Working on New Star Wars Title

Keep Those Fingers Crossed, This Could be Something Special!

Quantic Dream, the team behind games like Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain, could have a Star Wars game in the pipeline. This theory, like many others, was born from a cryptic tweet, showing a popular Detroit character with two lightsabers covering his mouth. The source here is Tom Henderson, a man with a history of leaking information about in-development games – corporate probably hates him, but at least we get to reap the rewards.

The replies are… well, about as ecstatic as you’d expect them to be. Excitement and speculation abounds, and Tom has been selectively liking any comment that leans in the clearly-implied direction. The intent of a message like this is clear as day, and the source has plenty of experience with this stuff. Obviously, nothing has been confirmed just yet, but don’t be surprised if you see Quantic Dream behind the next big Star Wars reveal!

Why be excited for a Quantic Dream Star Wars title? There’s plenty of reasons! The studio has a very distinct style when it comes to their games – highly cinematic, story-driven experiences with player choices and quick-time events dictating the plot’s direction. These are not games with in-depth combat systems, and you won’t find any multiplayer arenas – it’s all story, all the time.

In fact, the most frequent point of contention the studio faces is that their products are too movie-like. But I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of examples of stories translating poorly in the jump between mediums – there’s no way you haven’t read the phrase “the book was better” before. Given how Quantic Dream operates, this seems right in their wheelhouse. And adding to all that, Quantic Dream’s music production has a rather strong history, with Detroit: Become Human’s soundtrack being especially well-loved by fans. Star Wars is, likewise, known for some exceptional tracks – and Quantic Dream seems more than capable of re-capturing that magic.