Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumors Backed Up By Gaming Journalist

Jason Schreier Talks GTA 6

Rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 have been flying left and right lately. Recently, the reputable Battlefield and Call of Duty Leaker Tom Henderson decided to step out of his comfort zone and discuss what he’d heard about Rockstar’s highly-anticipated open-world game in a video titled “GTA 6 – RELEASE DATE, VICE CITY, MODERN SETTING & MORE (Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks & Rumors).” However, as Henderson is not a Grand Theft Auto leaker or a data miner, all the leaks he’s shared about Grand Theft Auto 6 were taken a grain of salt. At least, they were until well-known gaming journalist Jason Schreier backed Henderson up, claiming that some of the rumors Henderson shared were exactly what Schreier himself had heard about the project.

So what exactly is being said? First of all, Henderson states that Grand Theft Auto 6 will take place in a modern setting to fit in with GTA Online and allow developers the freedom to create different kinds of DLCs. Vice City will return, but the map will be smaller than the leaks are making it look, suggesting that the game will feature an evolving map that could change each time a DLC is released. Henderson was told that new areas and locations would be added to the map as DLC packs came out, but the default DLC map would also change with new DLC. Henderson also believes that multiple playable characters may be on the table, that one of those characters will be female, and that the game is still in early development and will probably not be released until some time in 2025.

Schreier pointed out on Twitter that while he hasn’t seen everything Grand Theft Auto 6 has to offer at the moment, he is backing Henderson in two areas: the evolving/expanding map and the game’s early development status. While this does leave the rumors about specific DLC details, modern setting, and multiple playable characters unconfirmed, it’s nice that Schreier has shared what he knows of the game so far. We hope to see more information on this title coming soon.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is still in early development.

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