An In Depth Look into Total War Warhammer’s New Cathay Faction

Giant Terracotta Statues, Dragon Sorcerers, and More to Join the Total War Warhammer Franchise Soon

This week, an exciting new trailer dropped for CA’s Total War: Warhammer III, giving us a quick cinematic look into the new Chinese-inspired Cathay faction.  The faction seems to have a lot of new tools at players’ disposals – from powerful giant terracotta statues to dragon lords.

The vast nation of Grand Cathay directly borders the Northern Chaos Wastes.  In order to defend the nation, you must deploy your armies along the “Grand Bastion,” or the Great Wall of China, to drive back the armies of Chaos.  Grand Cathay is ruled by Dragon legendary lords, and upon release, will allow a player to choose between four dragon lords who oversee the nation.  As shown by the trailer, these lords are powerful combatants and sorcerers – who can also turn into dragons.

In terms of the battles, the faction revolves around the concept of “Yin and Yang.”  This means that if you place ranged and melee units together, both the units will receive buffs.  While melee units will receive defensive buffs to become a “stalwart, hardy frontline,” you will also have the power of ” incredible ranged firepower.”  This seems to lend itself to a more defensive “turtle” playstyle like the dwarves and fits into the lore of the Grand Bastion defense.  In addition to the army, you can also utilize Chinese-themed “flying machines, alchemists, and dragon sorcerers.”  Finally, as shown by the trailer, you can use giant terracotta soldiers in battle, akin to the Tomb Kings giant battle statues.

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