Check Out Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker’s Impressive New Job Actions

Ready For Battle

Final Fantasy XIV is gearing up for what may be the biggest MMORPG launch of the last few years with its upcoming expansion Endwalker. It marks the end of the game’s first major story arc, a fantasy epic that’s been running since the game’s relaunch back in 2013. As the Warrior of Light gears up for a final confrontation with their sworn rival Zenos and the rogue Ascian Fandaniel, they’re gonna need some new tricks to save the world – and this week’s Letter From The Producer LIVE broadcast has given us a look at the new abilities that each job will be getting to do battle against the darkness.

As with every expansion, there’ll be updates to all jobs in the game, as well as two new jobs – the Sage and the Reaper. While everyone’s getting an update, a few changes stand out – in particular, the Summoner will be getting some significant changes. No more will Summoners have to content themselves with calling forth the egi forms of the Primals Ifrit, Garuda and Titan – they’ll be getting the ability to summon the gods of the beast tribes themselves in battle.

Apart from the Summoner rework, all healer classes will be getting access to some single target buffs, and a few of the tank classes will be getting timing-based effects added to their cooldown abilities. However, it’s not all about gameplay upgrades – in response to the popularity boom that FFXIV has been experiencing over the past few months, there’ll be a new Data Center Travel system implemented just after Endwalker’s launch, allowing players to move between data centers around the world. Not only will this help out with the server congestion issues the game’s been having, it’ll also let players from anywhere in the world go adventuring together!

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is releasing on November 23 – but if you’re itching for more Eorzean action before then, there’ll be plenty of events and celebrations over the next month to keep you sated!