Skyrim Mod That Intentionally Disables Skyrim Now Disabled

You Can Still Close The Game Yourself, But It’s Just Not The Same…

A Skyrim mod can serve many purposes: to enhance the game’s visuals, expand the game’s mechanics, or even play whole other Elder Scrolls titles. It’s a magical world where anything is possible, from the silly to the serious: but recently, many players discovered that “too silly” was a very real thing for the mod-hosting platform: Nexus Mods.

NoSkyrim describes itself like this:

“Did you ever feel like the game which you spent your hard-earned money on, should be removed and be unplayable, well so did I. Now with NoSkyrim, instead of being able to start a new game like most Skyrim players, you just can’t.”

Except, well, that’s not true anymore. It used to say that. Now, if you check the mod’s page, it says:

“Not found. The mod you were looking for can’t be loaded.”

Because it was taken down. By the site owners themselves. If you use the Nexus, you can no longer intentionally brick your Skyrim game.

Skyrim Special Edition

In all seriousness, the decision to remove NoSkyrim was pretty reasonable. It’s certainly not an addition that players intended to use, even if “use” is the correct term. Something this… subtractive probably doesn’t have a place on a website meant to add things to a game.

In response to the mod’s removal, a subreddit was created: /r/SaveNoSkyrim. It’s every bit as silly as the mod itself, with people expressing how important the mod was to their games. At the very least, it seems that everything is being taken in jest – there’s not many people actually upset about NoSkyrim getting pulled.

Besides, the internet is forever. A more… romantic side of Skyrim’s modding community has taken in NoSkyrim, keeping it safe within their labs. If you know, you know – and if not, keep it that way. If players are willing to go through that site to add NoSkyrim to their game, they still have that option.