Skyrim’s Religion Mod Receives All New Gods and More

The Modding Community That Just Keeps On Giving

Skyrim is getting close to being ten years old now. It may seem hard to believe that Skyrim was released all the way back in November 2011. The reason why Skyrim doesn’t feel aged like other titles is due to its massive modding community. The number of mods that have come out for this game is truly staggering. Some modifications are minor like adding a couple of new weapons or armor pieces. While others are massive game overhauls that add new missions and storylines. Some modders have even added new areas of the map. The best mods though are clearly the ones that turn the dragons in Macho Man Randy Savage and Thomas the Tank Engine. But I digress.

Skyrim VR

Anyway, Skyrim’s most well know mod that reworks the religious aspect of the game is getting a huge update itself. The mod is quite plainly called Religion and is regarded as one of the best mods out there at the moment. It completely changes how you interact with the religious angles of the game. Gods will be constantly be judging you throughout your playthrough of the game. The actions you take, the crimes you commit, and even things like wearing certain amour will all affect how each God sees you. You might be given blessings or curses depending on what they each want out of you.

For instance, the Nine Divines won’t like it if you commit a crime and will curse you by damaging your health or stamina. However, the more spiteful Gods have much more severe punishments. If you ask┬áMalacath for help and he doesn’t like you very much then you will be blamed for every crime in Skyrim. It really is a great reworking of a portion of the game that was an afterthought in the vanilla version.