Skyrim Mod Remasters Elder Scrolls Daggerfall

Experience The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall in Skyrim

A recently released mod called Skygerfall brings a remastered Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall to Skyrim. The mod includes the whole main quest, the bestiary, magic spells and a lot more. Though the mod doesn’t fully capture the scale and depth of the procedurally generated world of Elder Scrolls II, it does bring modern mechanics to the dated gameplay. Skygerfall is available now for free on PC through The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and the Special Edition.

Daggerfall Skyrim

The purpose of Skygerfall isn’t to replace The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall, it’s meant to bring some of the old magic and lore to fans of the current generation of Elder Scrolls. Many people who purchased ESV: Skyrim weren’t gaming back when Daggerfall came out so the modders wanted to update the experience on a newer engine.

Many of the mechanics from ESII: Daggerfall feel dated compared to modern games and the graphics haven’t aged well. Some quests had unreasonable time limits and many of the quest-breaking bugs never got fixed, forcing gamers to just explore the amazing procedurally generated world without much direction. These bugs won’t be part of the Skygerfall experience.


Skygerfall releases ahead of Skyblivion, the mod that brings the world of Cyrodiil in ESIV: Oblivion to Skyrim. While it’s exciting that modders can keep older games alive, it feels like Bethesda should be funding some of these ideas. A remastered Daggerfall sounds amazing because of the procedural generation and the huge world that results from it. Though Skygerfall couldn’t fit everything from Daggerfall into the mod, it still packs many of the dungeons and characters from the original into a small package.

What’s your favorite classic RPG and are you hoping modders update it for current-gen technology? Are you excited to try Skygerfall or Skyblivion? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: wccftech