Rebooting the Saints Row Series Is the Best Decision Right Now

COG Considers: Sometimes the Best We Can Do Is to Start Over

The Saints Row games are known for their over-the-top action, violence, humor, and activities. The Third Street Saints have taken us on a wild ride over the five games in the franchise, but I think it is time to retire that era of the gang.

In Saints Row (1), the Saints went from being a third-rate street gang, working to take over Stillwater, only to be sold out by their own leadership. In Saints Row 2, they clawed their way back into the scene from the ashes, ending up as the largest presence of crime and power in Stillwater.

Saints Row the Third Remastered

At the beginning of Saints Row: The Third, the Saints had become pop culture icons and celebrities. They are opposed by an even larger organization called the Syndicate and have to rebuild themselves in Steelport from the ground up. The Saints are a counter-terrorist organization in the tutorial of Saints Row IV, before becoming a political party and having the Boss elected President of the United States.

The main events of Saints Row IV see Earth invaded and obliterated by the Zin empire, leaving the Saints as the last remaining members of humanity. By taking the fight to the Zin in the digital realm, they eventually overthrow the leader Zinyak and become rulers of the galaxy. Then in Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell, the Boss is kidnapped by Satan and forced to marry his unwilling daughter Jezebel. Johnny Gat and Kenzie Kensington travel to Hell to save the Boss and punch Satan in the face. I think I hit all the major points of the Saints Row series.

After six years since Gat Out of Hell, we have been left to wonder, what is next for the Saints? How could they possibly go bigger and crazier? That is the way of the Saints after all. The answer is: They don’t. Now that they have the capabilities of travelling through space and time, they cannot up themselves without conquering all the planets in the universe and becoming Mass Effect, which is just not Saints Row.

With the reveal of the new Saints Row game, we are being treated to a full reboot of the series. The slate has been wiped clean and all that remains are the memories of the fans. Saints Row (2022) is heading back to the roots of the series: guns, gangs, and cars. Sure, they are going to keep the craziness, but still keep their feet on Earth. By hitting the reset button on the universe of Saints Row, the sky is once again the limit.

Saints Row Reboot

The trailers and deep dives we have seen for the new game show who the new Saints are and who they are up against. They appear to be a ragtag group of young *erhm* “entrepreneurs” looking to take over the city of Santo Ilesa. You have Eli, a dapper young man with big ideas for business. Neenah is the gearhead of the gang, who prizes her friends and family most. She is basically Dominic Torreto. Kevin is the always-shirtless guy who has a dream of being a professional chef. Then there is the Boss, who is the reincarnation of the Boss from Saints Row-Prime; headstrong, badass, and charismatic leader.

The Saints will take on the gangs and organizations called Marshall, Los Panteros, and the Idols as they fight for supremacy in Santo Ilesa. Similar to the gangs in the early Saints Row games, these groups have their own style and defining combat traits. Santo Ilesa is a pretty different location from the other Saints Row playgrounds, though to be fair, the only places the Saints have really gone are Stillwater, Steelport, and Hell.

Saints Row is at its best when the world is their oyster. When there are unconquered hoods and rival gangs around ever corner, that is where is the most fun is to be had. Giving the Saints a fresh start at rock bottom is a much better choice than continuing on the story of the intergalactic Saints of the early games, just as long as they keep the dildo bats.

Saints Row is expected to come out on February 25th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Do you agree that a reboot is the right path or would you have liked to see a Saints Row 5? Let us know in the comments below.