Volition Is Standing Strong Behind the Saints Row Reboot

The Fans Are Getting Upset

Saints Row developer Volition has been responding to fans on Twitter to defend the new Saints Row reboot. Fans have expressed disappointment with the new direction of the Saints Row reboot, but Volition has expressed confidence in the game.

This is a bit of a risky move. These are fans of the franchise who would be likely to buy a decent reboot, and instead, Volition is pushing some of them away. One fan mentioned they thought the game looked like Fortnite, where Volition responded, “We don’t think you know what Fortnite looks like, but you do you.” I agree that it doesn’t look like Fortnite, but I would be wary of being too sassy to fans at the moment.

Volition has mostly been saying that they are doing “Doing a reboot as no one has ever done a reboot before,” which sure is an interesting thing to say. I guess we need more information because absolutely nothing shown so far leads me to believe it is anything other than a Saints Row game. I’ve played Pac-Man as a 3D platformer; this is nothing to me.

This Twitter spree has lead to some more information, such as you don’t start as a Saint, there will be car customization and better character creation than the previous games.

I’m kind of confused about all the fan outrage. People calling it a Grand Theft Auto clone when Saints Row has always been a Grand Theft Auto clone is odd. The reveal trailer just doesn’t look that different than the other games. Volition mentioned that it will be a more grounded experience, but that’s about all we have to go on. I get fans are concerned, but let’s wait until we have some more information.