No More Heroes 3 Creator Confirms It Is the Last in the Series

No More Heroes 3 Will Be the Last Title in the Series

No More Heroes 3 will be the last in the franchise, according to Game Createor Goichi Suda. Otherwise known in social media as Suda51, Suda has left fans with a bittersweet feeling with his announcement that No More Heroes 3 will be marking the end of the road for its famed hero Travis Touchdown.

Travis Touchdown will finally be coming to the end of his final battle, and will be embarking on a much-deserved long journey,” wrote Suda. “Farewell to all Travis Touchdowns everywhere.”

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Fans of the No More Heroes games first got to enjoy the game when it was launched on the Wii back in 2007. Since then, it quickly gained a solid cult following primarily because of the game’s over-the-top storyline, eccentric in-game characters, and unashamedly coarse dialogue. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, the game’s second installment in the franchise, was released in 2010, showcasing Travis as he sought revenge for the death of his best friend. Although an arcade-style spin-off was sent to the Switch in 2019, called Travis Strikes Again, No More Heroes 3 is actually the much-awaited third proper game in the series.

Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture, No More Heroes 3 is seemingly not anything quite like the original No More Heroes game—which was an action game that featured the protagonist climbing the ranks of the world’s deadliest assassins by going through a series of increasingly ridiculous boss battles.

The sequel took away from the original’s gameplay and opted for a more traditional action game structure. However, No More Heroes 3 looks to have returned back to the game’s root design—a shift that makes the third, and last, installment a true follow-up to the franchise.

Goodbye, Travis,” added Suda. “Goodbye, No More Heroes. Goodbye, fleeting moments and days.”