No More Heroes 3 Collector’s Edition All Sold Out – No More Copies

What Would Travis Do?

If you are determined to get your hands on a No More Heroes 3 Collector’s Edition, don’t give up, but maybe don’t do something Travis would do. No More Heroes 3 is coming out late next month for Nintendo Switch and if you loved the previous games, you may want to get some of the special items that come with the Collector’s Edition.

Unfortunately, they are all sold out from Pix’n Love, but hardcore collectors have their ways. The Collector’s Editions of No More Heroes 1 and 2¬†on Nintendo Switch are also sold out, so you know this stuff is in high demand.

No More Heroes 3 Collector's Edition

If you are one of those quick-on-the-draw collectors, you will be getting a physical copy of No More Heroes 3, a 96-page artbook of the No More Heroes series, 4 lithographs, and a certificate of authenticity for these items, all of which come in a Collector’s Edition box. The retailer says there are 2,000 copies printed, but the images show them numbered to 1,500. Either way, you will probably have to buy it from a reseller/scalper to get your own.

In No More Heroes 3, the story shifts from a battle between assassins to a battle for against alien supremacy. Aliens are always bad, right? At least that’s what the trailer show us.

Fans of the series have been waiting a long time for a third No More Heroes game and it is finally on the horizon. No More Heroes 3 will be coming out on August 27th exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Do you have any collector’s editions of the No More Heroes games? Let us know in the comments below.