Latest No More Heroes III Trailer Is Both Spicy And Weird

For ‘Mature’ Audiences Only

No More Heroes III is coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 27th! In anticipation of this momentous event, Nintendo dropped a gigantic trailer on their official YouTube channel yesterday. I included that extra detail because the trailer in question is straight-up age-gated. 18 or older only, kids! Extra spicy warning labels aside, this thing totally rules.

No More Heroes 3

You can’t actually watch the trailer embedded below, but you can click to watch it on actual YouTube. And you should! This is almost six minutes of fourth-wall-smashing madness, full of the series’ usual gore, cheeky humor, and spicy language. You even get a quick/dirty retrospective on the games that came before this one!

The story has upgraded the stakes. Now instead of a bloody tournament of assassins, alien invaders are involved. Also, characters who were previously dead and/or maimed are just back! It’s totally fine, don’t think about it! Like the previous titles in the series, expect to do a lot of sword battling amidst a flurry of pithy one-liners. If you do decide to check out the trailer below, keep in mind the video doesn’t actually end at 1:03. No More Heroes III is coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 27th, 2021. If you’re looking for some quality time with Travis before then, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is available on the Switch right this second.