In Sound Mind Presents a Stunning and Eerie Animated Music Video

Spooky Scary Music Video

Horror games have always had a close relationship with music. Some games choose to go the Silent Hill route and feature incredibly discordant and uncanny soundtracks, while others like In Sound Mind go for eerily beautiful and even serene songs.

Now, the In Sound Mind team has joined forces with cartoon animator Mashed and musical sensation The Living Tombstone to create a slick, stylish, and above all else spooky animated music video for the game’s theme song, “Here Comes a Savior feat. Ricepirate” by The Living Tombstone. The video combines bright colors and bold shapes with some truly disturbing imagery taken straight from In Sound Mind, including the flying whale skeleton that captured our interest from the very beginning. Warning: video includes flashing lights.

Both the song and the video focus on protagonist Dr. Desmond Wales, a therapist who wakes up in an abandoned building with no idea how he got there. As he begins searching for information, he is forced to turn to the tapes recorded during interviews with his patients, all of whom seem to have met terrible ends.

Each tape contains a terrifying world that Desmond will have to traverse in order to advance, haunted by spectral figures eager to drag him down with them, and this video shows that in terrifying detail. Not only is each monster lovingly brought to life, so are splintering street lights, shattering mirrors, and flickering TV screens that show only eyes.

If you’re looking forward to In Sound Mind, this is a great way to whet your appetite, and if you haven’t heard of the game before this is a great way to explore its themes and imagery. We definitely recommend that any horror fan check this video out.

In Sound Mind will be available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on August 3rd, 2021. You can download a free demo now on Steam.

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