In Sound Mind Challenges Your Conception of Reality

Discover Where the Monsters Truly Reside

In Sound Mind continues to explore the terrors of an unsound mind–or perhaps an unsound world–in two forms: the updated demo and the brand new story teaser trailer which dropped today. You know what that means! For the first time, we can speak knowledgeably about the game’s plot. In Sound Mind will follow protagonist Demond (not to be confused with the guy from Assassin’s Creed), a psychologist with a backlog of dead patients and some serious concerns about the once-quiet town of Milton haven. His search for answers drives him to unearth the tapes from his deceased patients’ recorded sessions, but those tapes soon present surreal and unearthly mysteries of their own.

The result is described as a “first-person horror experience which pits players against the unpredictable dangers stirring within memories” and we can’t wait to see more of it. Scary monsters? Check. Excellent voice acting? Check. Chilling and surreal lighting? Check. A shot of a whale skeleton paddling through a crumbling sky? Check. Everything about this makes us want to dive right into it. If you feel the same way, then it’s your lucky day, because the demo has been updated and it’s still available on Steam for free download. Take the plunge. Explore the nightmare. There’s nothing stopping you.

The demo focuses on In Sound Mind‘s first tape and serves as a chilling demonstration of how the game blends reality and full-on forest-toppling, siren-wailing, mind-breaking horror. How much is real and how much is just in your head? We don’t know yet, but the monster you’ll be faced with are both incredibly creepy and deeply connected to each of Desmond’s patients, making each tape an exploration of trauma. The game’s eerie soundtrack was produced by The Living Tombstone, meaning we have a lot of spooky audio goodness to look forward to.

In Sound Mind will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime in 2021.

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