No Man’s Sky Frontiers Update Could Be Out Sooner Than Later

Hello Games Founder Sean Murray Teased No Man’s Sky Frontiers Again

No Man’s Sky founder Sean Murray sent the franchise’s fans into a frenzy after a quick Frontiers tease on social media. The Hello Games head honcho was always known for teasing the studio’s upcoming game titles with emojis. He used the eyes emoji to tease Frontiers during the company’s fifth anniversary post, and he has just done the same very recently. The short post has made fans excited that the No Man’s Sky: Frontiers update could be out very shortly.

no man's sky frontiers release

Murray had previously told the gaming community that Frontiers is, indeed, coming soon, and that further information about the update will be provided in the future. Considering that today is the last day for Gamescom 2021, fans are expecting that No Man’s Sky could end the event with a loud bang by confirming either an official release date for the Frontiers update or an announcement that it has officially gone live in the game.

When No Man’s Sky first made its way to the market in 2016, not too many people expected that the game would get to celebrate a release anniversary—especially not one after being supported for five long years. However, 16 free updates into the title, the once hated and now beloved indie studio will soon be releasing the latest No Man’s Sky update, Frontiers.

The first official announcement concerning Frontiers was on August 9th, and it treated No Man’s Sky fans to a two-and-a-half minute preview. The short video showed all of the updates that Hello Games has released since the game first launched and ended with the logo designated for the Frontiers update. There is very little to no information about it since then, except for Murray’s PlayStation blog post that Frontiers will be the “missing piece of the sci-fi fantasy” that they have “always wanted to add.”