New Graphical Enhancements Coming to The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced Edition

It’s Part of the Waking Flame DLC Release

A wave of graphical improvements are on their way to The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced as part of the launch of the Waking Flame DLC. This means the ESO community has a lot of tweaks to look forward to, especially PC players.

If you own a PS5 or Xbox Series S|X, you’re probably already experiencing the game’s new graphics features and upgrades, but for PC players, these changes have been rolling out slowly over the course of the last year. In fact, some of them were only implemented after the arrival of Blackwood. Now, even more updates are coming with the new DLC pack.

The biggest goal for this update was to try and get as close to a solid 60fps as possible in ESO’s performance modes on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X. The Waking Flame DLC will also be enabling dynamic resolution scaling for performance mode, meaning that each console will be able to show off the highest resolutions it can deliver at 60fps.

Key features include:

  • Dynamic resolution scaling enabled for Performance Mode on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, scaling resolution on Xbox Series X and PS5 between 1080p-2160p and on Xbox Series S between 1080p-1440p
  • For all consoles except for the base PS4 and base Xbox One, a new HDR mode known as “Default” arrives in the Waking Flame DLC, a brand-new setting to keep the intended look of the game’s original artwork while taking advantage of the increased range
    • For players who prefer the way ESO looks in HDR right now, that mode will remain an option under the name “Vibrant”
  • For PC Players, the console render multithreading setting that debuted with Console Enhanced in June will arrive on PC through a new opt-in beta setting, a feature intended to improve frame rates

The Elder Scrolls Online: Waking Flame will be available August 23rd for PC/Mac and Stadia, and then August 31th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5.

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Source: Press Release