Closer Look into Kill the Justice League and Gotham Knights Coming October 16th

Possible Gameplay Reveal of Rocksteady’s Latest Game?

Gotham Knights and Kill the Justice League were first announced last year during DC’s Fandome event, and now it looks like we’ll be getting a closer look into both games soon.  With the next DC FanDome event arriving October 16th, the trailer for the event directly confirms that more details behind Gotham Knights and Kill the Justice League will be revealed.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

The Gotham Knights game was revealed to be a third-person action RPG starring four of Batman’s sidekicks: Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Nightwing.  Taking place in the aftermath of Batman’s death, you must retake Gotham from its villains either alone or with a friend.  Since the game is an RPG, you can expect gear, skill trees, and leveling.  In addition, it will be an open-world game.  

Kill the Justice League, on the other hand, has zero gameplay released so far.  There has been a short cinematic which revealed the basic premise of the game, however.  In the cinematic, four Suicide Squad members: Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Captain Boomerang can be seen taking down alien creatures as well as realizing they must assassinate Superman.  Although no details have been released about the game yet, it looks like the game will be a hero shooter, with each of the characters having different abilities and weapons.  For example, King Shark has a heavy machine gun, while Deadshot can fly around in a jetpack and shoot various guns.

As Kill the Justice League will be developed by Rocksteady Studios – the developers behind the much-acclaimed Arkham Series – there is much hype for the game.  If pulled off well, the game could expand the scope of AAA DC games beyond just Batman and Gotham.  Both games will release in 2022 at an unconfirmed date.

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