Observer: System Redux Brings the Cyberpunk Thriller to PS4 and Xbox One Today

It’s Also Coming to Current-Gen Consoles 

Observer: System Redux is finally bringing its dark, cyberpunk atmosphere to PS4 and Xbox One in both digital and physical releases. This revamped version of the game will allow PlayStation and Xbox players to dive deeper into its haunting dystopian world than ever before. It also allows for a free upgrade to PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

The expansion adds 3 new missions, revamped character models, improved mechanics, and quality of life features to the original game, leading to Observer: System Redux being about 20% bigger. To celebrate this milestone, Bloober Team has released a new 1.5-minute-long launch trailer that may the creepiest piece of marketing created for this game yet. And believe us, that’s a high bar to meet.

The trailer provides a quick re-introduction to the game’s protagonist Daniel Lazarski, a self-confessed tool of corporate oppression, before it begins sharing the many updates the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Observer: System Redux have to offer. This includes rebuilt graphics, more detailed locations, improved lighting and textures, and new character animations on top of the new character models and 3 new story cases.

Most of the trailer consists of slow pans over strikingly beautiful and deeply unsettling stills from the game, with their contents ranging from characters’ faces to a row of partially completed androids. The trailer also boasts vastly improved gameplay, featuring new stealth, new mechanics, new secrets, and new interrogations, just in case you forgot you weren’t playing as the good guy.

However, the biggest thing we got out of this trailer was a taste of the game’s absolutely incredible atmosphere. Observer: System Redux takes an already creepy setting and dials it up to eleven, boasting even more uncanny imagery and a soundscape that wouldn’t be out of place in Silent Hill.

The glitch-heavy visual effects and a repeated focus on control–or rather, the lack of it–serve to make this trailer genuinely chilling. We heartily recommend anyone who’s thinking about trying the game to check it out. Just stay wary of flashing lights if you’re sensitive to them.

Observer screenshot

Observer: System Redux is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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