Observer: System Redux Is 20% Bigger Than Observer

Bloober Team Confirms DualSense Support for Observer: System Redux

Bloober Team has officially given Observer fans an idea of what to expect from the upcoming next-gen enhancement, Observer: System Redux. According to the developers, the game will be about 20% longer for gamers who go off the beaten path, while PlayStation fans will be delighted to know that System Redux offers full DualSense support on the PS5. Observer: System Redux is releasing for Xbox Series X/S and PC on November 10th, with the PS5 version fittingly releasing on November 12th.

Observer hidden horror game lead actor

When discussing content added to Observer: System Redux, Bloober Team’s Project Manager Szymon Erdmanski said, “The exact number of new hours really depends on how you approach the game: a player who likes to get straight to the point will get through it quicker than someone who prefers to take their time, fully examine all nooks, and try all dialog options. In general, we estimate that there is around 20% more gameplay than before.”

When discussing upgrades made to Observer with System Redux Szymon Erdmanski said, “Textures, light, VFX, models, animations have been significantly improved. While we have preserved the original atmosphere of a retro-futuristic dystopia, the game does indeed look a bit different: it’s crisper, with more vibrant colors and deeper shadows.”

“We were already using vision and sound to communicate fear or caution to the player, and now we have new options to engage players with the sense of touch. So, yes, we do use DualSense’s haptics and adaptive triggers. To quickly touch upon just a few effects, players can now feel the effects of entering the neural investigation or overdosing certain substances available in the game.”

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