Sony Expects Bigger PS5 Launch Than the PS4 Launch

Sony Aiming to Ship 7.6 Million PS5’s in One Quarter

During a recent quarterly financial earnings call, Sony gave investors an idea of how many PS5 consoles they expect to ship by the end of the fiscal quarter, and it’s a doozy. Sony is apparently planning for the PS5 to have a bigger launch than the PS5, aiming to ship more than 7.6 million units by March 2021. Considering their lofty expectations for the PS5, Sony could be prepared to ship millions of consoles despite the struggles of COVID-19. The PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition both officially release on November 12th.

Playstation 5

“We expect to launch the PS5 in great shape due to this appealing software lineup, the strength of the PlayStation brand, our preeminent gaming ecosystem, and our cohesive gamer community,” said chief financial officer at Sony, Hiroki Totoki. “Our strategy is to grow sales and profits through increased user engagement driven by great gaming experiences on the PS5 and we aim to accelerate the growth of recurring sales and profits by expanding the reach of our community through further strengthening our network services going forward.”

With the PS5 releasing soon, Sony is only giving itself one quarter to reach its lofty expectations for the PS5 sales. One thing about Sony’s confidence in PS5 sales is the company may have already prepared themselves to ship 7.6 million consoles and they may be sitting on a plethora of already manufactured units that will be ready for sale when the console officially releases. According to the same financial earnings call, Sony confirmed that stay-at-home demand continues to increase revenue with the total PlayStation gamer gameplay time in September up by approximately 30% year-on-year.

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