PS5 Pre-Orders Opened Up And They Were a Hot Mess

Thanks to Retailers Breaking the Street Date, Pre-Ordering a PS5 Even Harder Than Expected 

Hot off the heels of the release date and price announcement, Sony announced that the PS5 would be available to pre-order from September 17th at select retailers. This led to excitement from many fans, especially those particularly keen to get their hands on a console at launch. Given that COVID-19 has affected manufacturing to the point that rumors have been swirling about a shortage, with PlayStation users being given the opportunity to sign up just to pre-order, we were expecting a free for all this morning as major websites struggled to meet demand, pages inching along at glacial speeds as thousands of people attempted to ensure they’d get the coveted console as soon as possible.

We would have woken up to this, had certain retailers not broken the street date.
Within hours of the announcement, Walmart took to twitter to announce that the pre-orders were open. Other major retailers soon joined in with Amazon, The Source, and Best Buy all allowing users to pre-order the console. As a result, many who were expecting to preorder the console today were left disappointed.

Insultingly, eBay almost immediately got in on the action, with people who had managed to get in selling their pre-ordered consoles for thousands of dollars, and the sad part is that with so many people taken by surprise by the early release, there may be plenty of people desperate enough to pay.
Even those who did manage to snag a pre-order should be careful, as Walmart have reportedly been cancelling some successful pre-orders and, since they’ve sold out online, this means even some people who have already booked their console may be left disappointed.
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