Final Fantasy XVI and Demon’s Souls Roll Back PC Releases

Two Big Errors Happened During Yesterday’s Showcase

Final Fantasy XVI was the big hit of yesterday’s showcase. The newly announced game is taking the series back to its roots with a classic fantasy setting, albeit with elements new to the franchise and a gorier take on the series than we’ve seen thus far.

As theorized, the game was announced as a Playstation exclusive, with the caveat (listed at the bottom of the video) that the game would also be coming to PC. However, it looks like that may not be the case, as IGN reported that the game would be available for PC and then being contacted by Square Enix, who stated that they had no plans to bring the game to PC. When asked for a statement regarding the retraction, Square Enix stated that “[They] have no further information on if Final Fantasy XVI will be released on platforms other than the PS5.” SImilarly, From Software, developer of the Souls series, have stated that the text claiming that Demon’s Souls would be coming to PC and other consoles was an error.

Of course, the question remains: why were these games announced for the PC, in videos, during one of the year’s biggest gaming events? While it’s possible that plans to bring both games to PC fell through after the videos were made, why were the subtitles not removed? It’s especially jarring in the case of FFXVI, as the video opened with a disclaimer stating that the video was captured on a PC emulating the PS5.

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