SEGA Celebrate Sonic’s 30th Anniversary With Upcoming Stream

Gotta Go Fast

It’s been a fast-paced few years for the Sonic franchise – the mid-2000s and 2010s saw a series of disastrous launches for the Blue Blur, from the underwhelming OC creator Sonic Forces to the infamously awful Sonic the Hedgehof, usually known as Sonic 06. However, it seems that the franchise has found its footing again recently, with a series of announcements coming up to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary this Thursday. 

sonic the hedgehog feature

2020 saw perhaps the biggest success of the Sonic franchise in years with the release of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Initial internet uproar about the titular hedgehog’s frankly horrifying design led to a complete rework of Sonic’s looks, leading to a massively successful theatre run that left Sonic sitting at the top of the box office for a brief time. With a sequel on the way in 2022, it’s fair to say that the Sonic franchise has a wider audience now than ever before.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2


Recently, Sonic’s brand manager Aaron Webber revealed that Sega have had a change in their approach to the Sonic franchise – rather than rushing to get a game out every year, the Sonic team will be taking their time to ensure a higher level of quality and polish. With the last mainline Sonic game, Sonic Forces, being released almost six years ago now, it seems like it’s finally time to catch up with everyone’s favorite hedgehog.

The official Sonic Twitter has reveled that a livestream event is coming up this week to commemorate Sonic’s 30th anniversary. The event promises to reveal everything Sega will be doing to mark the auspicious occaion, including getting a look at upcoming projects, partnerships and events under the ‘Sonic 30th Anniversary’ banner.

The Sonic 30th Anniversary stream will be broadcast live on the official Sonic YouTube and Twitch channels this Thursday, May 27th, at 9am Pacific Time / 12pm Eastern Time.