Uncharted Movie Twitter Shares Enigmatic Screenshots

What’s the Deal With That Little Cross-Key-Artifact Thing?

The Uncharted movie is still plugging along toward a 2021 launch date (fingers crossed they keep this director and don’t get hit with any more delays), and they decided to celebrate the new year by posting a series of new screenshots to the official Twitter account. Reportedly, the movie is about Nathan Drake’s origins, but these pics have yet to give us any hint of what’s going on there. Instead, they present us with some classic Uncharted imagery: two maps, a statue, and some kind of bejeweled artifact that one of the characters uses like a key. We’ll give them this: they know how to get us fans invested. This film sure looks like a fun time so far.

Filming officially wrapped up back on October 29th, 2020, so it makes sense that they’re teasing us with concrete images–they’re probably deep in the editing process right now. Tom Holland and Mark Walhberg are starring as Nathan Drake and Victor Sullivan respectively, with Sophia Taylor Ali as Chloe Frazier, Tati Gabrielle as Braddock, and Antonio Banderas as… someone. We don’t actually know who Antonio Banderas is, but we’re hoping that having him in the cast can only be a net bonus.

This lot might sound like a rag-tag bunch of misfits, but Tom Holland’s portrayal of Nathan Drake has already netted him the approval of Nolan North, so we’re cautiously optimistic about the prospects of this seemingly mismatched cast. He’s also working with the guy who directed Venom 2018, and we can all agree that movie was pretty fun, if nothing else, which seems to bode well.  Plus, Holland does look pretty awesome in his set photos.


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The Uncharted movie is currently scheduled to be released in theaters on July 16, 2021.

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