Uncharted Movie Star Tom Holland Gets Nolan North’s Seal of Approval

You Have to Accept Him Now

It seems that yesterday was day that people involved in the Uncharted movie could start sharing pictures and stuff. Tom Holland revealed the first look at him on set as Uncharted fans’ favorite treasure hunter Nathan Drake. He was not the only Nathan Drake on set though. Photographic evidence of Nolan North visiting the Uncharted set surfaced… from his own Twitter account! Yes, the man who played Nathan Drake for nearly ten years was of course invited to the set to see everything and talk with Tom Holland.

Uncharted Movie Nolan North

We can see Nolan North chatting with Tom Holland on the set of the Uncharted movie. In the background we can see the safety measures the production team has taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The image is also shared along with some other promotional pictures from the set. One shows a treasure or relic that appears to be part of a mystery or puzzle of some sort. After a quick look at the treasures from the games, this does not appear to be one of them. Another image shows an open book, which Nathan Drake will likely be referencing throughout the movie as he does in the games. In the background of this image, we see a theatre ticket and some rolls of coins. I’ll feel really dumb speculating what these mean if they’re just laying around the props department and mean nothing.

Nolan North expresses his pride in Tom Holland for the effort he is putting into the character he has fostered over the years. If you’re still uneasy about Tom Holland taking up the Drake mantle, knock it off! Nathan Drake himself approves. The Uncharted movie is expected to hit theatres in July 2021.

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