Plexi Cosplay’s Attention to Detail Is Stunning

Between Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise, the Capcom series is on the rise and Plexi Cosplay recently did a Mizutsune cosplay that shows her flexibility at the craft.

Plexi Cosplay has a high attention to detail on the wings, boots, and headdress is impeccable, with the wings and headdress sharing a magical blue colour scheme and the boots reflecting the natural colours of the Monster Hunter wilderness.

While lacking the visually striking wings of the Kyrestia cosplay, Plexi Cosplay still retains that high attention to detail with her Nightborne cosplay that focuses on the World of Warcraft allied race’s heritage armor.

Beyond the impressive armor (which remains a theme across all Plexi Cosplays), this Nightborne staff looks like it’s straight out of World of Warcraft itself.

The Nightborne of World of Warcraft thrive on energy as well, and this shot of Plexi Cosplay brings us right into the MMO and reminding us of the daily Suramar grind.