Free Armor Sets Available to Any Owner of Nioh 2 Next Month

More Armor

Next month, PS5 owners (or anyone who managed to claw one away from scalper-bots) will be able to get the Nioh games, either standalone or as part of the Nioh Collection. While Steam users are certainly getting a… unique bonus for playing the game on their platform, it appears that PlayStation is also giving their players something cool. And it’s actually pretty nice, unironically. Two armor sets will be available for a limited time when the Nioh Collection and the two standalone remastered games launch on February 5th, apparently for anyone who has the game, no matter which platform.

The Nioh Collection

Between February 5th and 26th, players will be able to claim two different sets of armor; one called Ornate Gold Armor and the other called Sohaya Deserter Garb. These sets are very distinct in that one is a golden suit of armor and the other is a cat costume. It is unclear if created characters regardless of gender are able to use both or not, but if they are gender specific, that would certainly play into the trope that men should have full suits of armor and women just need something that look good. Don’t get me wrong, who wouldn’t want to be a cat?

This free armor patch is in celebration of the release of the Nioh Collection. Players will be able to pick these up between February 5th and 26th “available to all Nioh 2 owners for a limited time via a patch”. They say “all” players, so even if you aren’t getting the remastered version, that’s pretty cool. The Nioh Collection, Nioh: Complete Edition, and Nioh 2: Complete Edition will be out on PC, PS4, and PS5 on February 5th.

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