Phasmophobia Update: the Ghosts Are Now Listening

Yes, This Does Mean They Weren’t Hunting By Sound Until Now

Phasmophobia is a scary game with some scary successes under its belt, and new features are still being added. One of those new additions, a patch that allows ghosts to listen for players talking and home in on those noises, may be a little confusing. After all, we all assumed the ghosts were already doing that. What’s the number one thing you remember from playing Phasmophobia with your friends? If your experience was anything like ours, it was probably screaming at each other to keep your voices down while the ghost is on the hunt. Turns out that none of that was necessary–while the ghost could be triggered by voices and using the ouija board, it could not actually track you down by your mic. Until now, that is.

As of today, the beta build of Phasmophobia incorporates a new mechanic allowing the ghosts to track players by the sounds coming in through their mics. The upside is that it is volume-dependent, so you’ll still be able to whisper. The downside is that it’s still very experimental, so we probably shouldn’t expect it to work perfectly just yet. After all, if it was already flawless, it would already be in the game.

Developer Kinetic Games may have lifted part of the curtain, dispelling some of the mystery that makes Phasmophobia so effective, but it was all for a good cause. We can’t wait to see how the game plays when the ghosts really can track you down when you talk too loudly. It’s an ambitious choice for an indie game being made by a one-man developer. Here’s hoping all goes well!

Phasmophobia is available for PC.

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