Phasmophobia Is Taking Twitch by Storm

Move Over, Among Us

October is traditionally a month for horror. Whether its movies, video games, or TV shows, the tenth month of the year sees more horrors drop than in any other genre, so it’s fitting that Phasmophobia is taking Twitch by storm. Despite only being in early access the game has accrued an Overwhelmingly Positive review average on Steam, with over 15,000 reviews in the space of a month. On Twitch it has a weekly average of 80,000 viewers, and at the time of writing has more viewers than Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, or surprise hit Genshin Impact.

Phasmophobia is a co-operative horror game that puts you and your team in the shoes of ghost hunters investigating a variety of haunted locales, such as houses, schools, and farmhouses. There are a dozen different types of ghost, like the Mare, which grows stronger in the dark, or the Wraith, which has untraceable footsteps but is repelled by salt. To survive, you’ll need to work with your team to find out exactly what you’re up against. You’ll also be able to speak directly to the ghost, and your teammates, but be warned – saying the wrong thing could enrage a ghost further.

The game uses a lot of different techniques common in the ghost hunting world, such as EVP recordings or Ouija Boards, but be warned – unlike the average Ghost Hunting show, you may actually be scared.

The game’s popularity on Twitch could be down to the novelty – new games tend to get a lot of excitement on the platform, and with some big-name streamers like Monto checking it out and showcasing the game on their channels, it’s bound to give Phasmophobia a boost of adrenaline. We don’t know yet whether it’ll be able to maintain this momentum but we may just be looking at the next Dead by Daylight.

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