Magic: Legends Open Beta Coming in March

Magic: Legends’ Open Beta Finally Coming Soon 

Cryptic Studios has officially confirmed that Magic: Legends is getting an open beta in March alongside a shiny new trailer for the new PC TCG. Magic: The Gathering is one of the most popular deckbuilding TCG’s out there, and Magic: Legends brings an interesting twist to the battlefield. The open beta for Magic: Legends is coming on March 23rd exclusively for PC. Magic The Gathering: Online is available for free exclusively for PC right now, while Magic: ManaStrike is available for free on iOS and Android.

Magic Legends

Magic: The Gathering fans who get their hands on Magic: Legends‘ open beta can expect a non-linear Magic experience that offers five diverse classes to swap between at any given moment. The real-time combat of Magic: Legends still plays off of the deckbuilding system, but it will apparently make spells more impactful than the traditional Magic: The Gathering experience.

There are five classes to swap between in Magic: Legends, with each offering its own unique traits and abilities. The classes Magic: The Gathering fans can choose between are The Geomancer, The Mind Mage, The Beastcaller, The Sanctifier, and The Necromancer.

Magic: Legends not only has countless spells for the player classes to use but spell fragments that can make spells even more powerful. While the open beta might be a more limited experience, Magic: Legends offers multiplayer to people who choose to play with friends without hindering the single-player experience.

Are you planning to try Magic: Legendes in open beta or will you just wait for the full release? Let us know in the comments below!